Welcome to monakowski.com

Hi! My name is Monica Otulakowski and I’m a business strategist and project manager working in Toronto, Canada.

monakowski.com is a web playground where I share my mission to reduce information overload and increase playful productive momentum in the workplace. If you’re passionate about operational efficiency and want to share your experiences of what works (or want to prototype new activities), please get in touch with me!




How I can help:

I partner with my colleagues in the Ontario Public Service to co-design the best options for solutions to public sector problems. Please reach out to me if you think I can help you.

Strategy: How does your work fit into your ministry’s strategy? How can you best approach a current project? Who might you consider talking to about your idea? To be effective, we all need a future focus for our workplace that is understood by all. We can sit down together for an in-person or virtual session to work through your challenge. I can offer ideas of different solutions so you can pick what might work best for you.

Leadership: This is a skill we flex everyday. Whether you’re in a traditional leadership role (e.g. ADM, Director, etc) or not, let’s exchange practices on what’s working well for you and what’s worked/working well for me. Having worked closely with dozens of OPS leaders for years, I can offer a unique perspective of styles – and their outcome on staff. Plus, I really appreciate organizational development concepts and would like to grab a coffee with my fellow gov leaders to discuss.

Culture: Culture can, and must, be nurtured for sustainable performance. I am currently dabbling in this area to help improve team effectiveness. If you have any experience in diagnosing the links between a team’s current culture and business performance and co-creating a shared set of values, please contact me to discuss what’s worked well for your workplace.

High performing teams: Teams perform well when they have a clear understanding of roles/responsibilities and performance expectations. Having struggled as a project manager for a few years, I’d love to share the ways I improved how I design and facilitate experiences, processes and programs. Out of all of my areas of expertise and interest, this is my heart’s work.

Innovation: Our success as a public sector depends on our ability to deliver innovative services. Having practiced a number of techniques over the last decade, I would love to extend this practice to you. While I host sessions based on human-centered design principles as part of my day job, I’m particularly interested in facilitating a 5-day sprint, as described in this book – Sprint: How to Solve Big Problemts and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days.