How I can help:

I team up with my colleagues in the Ontario Public Service to figure out public sector problems.

Strategy: How does our work fit into our ministry’s strategy? How can we dig into the problem? Who might we include in the conversation? To be effective, we all need a future focus for our workplace that is understood by all.

Leadership: Having worked closely with dozens of OPS leaders for years, I can offer a unique perspective of styles – and their outcome on staff. Plus, I really appreciate organizational development concepts and coffee, so let’s meet up.

Culture: Culture can, and must, be nurtured for sustainable performance. I am currently dabbling in this area to help improve team effectiveness. If you have any experience in diagnosing the links between a team’s current culture and business performance and co-creating a shared set of values, please let me know how you’re doing that.

High performing teams: Teams perform well when they have a clear understanding of roles/responsibilities and performance expectations. Out of all of my areas of expertise and interests, this is my heart’s work.

Innovation: Our success as a public sector depends on our ability to deliver innovative services. Having practiced a number of techniques over the last decade, I would love to extend this practice to you. While I host sessions based on human-centered design principles as part of my day job, I’m particularly interested in facilitating a 5-day sprint, as described in this book – Sprint: How to Solve Big Problemts and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days.